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Marbella Thai Massage

If looking for thai massage marbella we suggest to pay a visit to our recommended thai massage parlor in Marbella, GOLDEN THAI MASSAGE.

Golden thai offer authentic thai massage given by native THAI masseueses. The place is tastefully decorated clean and situated in the heart of Marbella Centre near the old town and the Marina Puerto Deportivo.

All massages are carried out by certified masseuses.

These are some of the different types of massage you can choose from:


Mixed thai massage

Head and shoulder massage

Foot massage

Massage for couples


Read more about the different types of massage here 

Traditional thai massage

Oil Thai massage


Different Thai Massage schools/branches

There are many different variations of the Thai massage, such as the Royal Style or the "rajasamnak". This style was specifically meant for members of the royal family.

Is has been democratised since then, and anyone can get treated by this technique. It involves acupressure techniques and applying pressure on various points on the body.  

With us, oil massage is combined with Thai massage that helps back pain, loosens connective tissue, tension and clenched nerves. Thai and Oil massage is effective in treating chronic pain, migraine with dizziness.


Practiced over the last 2500 years, is based on some fundamental principles of balancing the body's energy. In both the east and west healing systems, the idea is to maintain balance in the body - the key to good health.


The foundation for thaimassage is energy lines, or late lines that run through the body. These latter lines are passages for energy - and today it is known that the lines are linked to our blood system.


Thai massage is more energetic and "hard" than other forms of massage. Thai massage is also called "Thai Yoga Massage" because the masseur / masseuse uses hands, elbows, knees, legs and feet to bring the person into a series of yoga-like postures in order to balance and relax the body.

Thai massage marbella benefits

Thai massage marbella is used to achieve the following:

- Relaxation

- Reduce stress

- Loosen tension

- Improve blood circulation

- Stimulate internal organs

- Give increased energy

- Improve flexibility in the body

- Improve the body's movement options

- Unite body and mind


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